Our Process

Our Process

We make mobile advertising intuitive and easy. Send us anything from general concepts to polished creative and we will supply engagement, in-depth tracking and stats galore.

Here's how we work:


Send us what you have.

Interested in doing a mobile ad campaign, but wary of the banner ad horror stories? That's what we're here for!

We specialize in beautiful mobile advertising.

Send us your thoughts, your existing brand assets, your hopes and dreams and then...


We work Tapestry magic.

Leave it to our creative team to whip up something amazing with a sprinkle of data, a dash of creative magic, and voilĂ , your tapestry is served. That tapestry can then be plugged into any mobile ad environment on any device, or even shared on social channels like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.


You reap the mobile rewards.

Tapestry helps you understand your audience with unprecedented depth and insight. Since each story is divided into taps, a tapestry knows exactly how long someone stays with a story, which moment they decide to leave and when they want more. We're all about granular engagement data.